Saturday, November 7, 2015

Fall DIY

Being a home owner means making wreaths and decorating the front of your house, right? Wanted to share some DIY and decorating we did.

Fall colors are so beautiful. I took a stab at making a fall colored wreath!! And in the fall spirit got a bail of hay (or is it straw?) And some fun pumpkins, gords and small colored corn.

All the stuff I bought

I am typically really impatient, not a color in the lines kinda girl. So I was nervous taking this task on. I almost paid the lady at Michaels to make it. I am so glad I just asked he for some helpful tips and took a stab at it! This is a craft that anyone can do!!

Below are some of the color inspirations for the wreath, from the changing trees. Love these colors it just makes me smile.

Had to post these Halloween photos of my babies! 

Penny has her skeleton pjs on and Emily is borrowing a colorful shirt from penny. 

My penny girl posing with the candy bowl!

Can see their outfits best from here.

Those pjs crack me up!

And let there be ... Comfy Seating

Finally our couch has arrived and we no longer are stuck sitting on an uncomfortable futon!

Matching end table

And Emily fully approves.

Coffee table!! I love itt

Full set up. Rug to be gone soon. It will be moved to a seating area in the kitchen when we get a larger area rug.

I thought I was going to be stuck with just 1 piece of the couch. After waiting about 3 ridiculously long months that couch was getting in our house no !matter what!

We came across the same issue we had at move in. We could not get the larger piece of the sectional up the stairs. But have no fear we made it fit! We got lucky it was Halloween and there were kids our with their parents. A nice neighbor told us how he got his couch in and helped us with ours. We do not have a deck out back but we were able to lift the couch to the 2nd floor from outside and lift it in to the kitchen very easily. 

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Island Seating!

Bought these from target for a great bargin! The color is toast which goes perfectly with our granite, and really pops with our dark wood.